Breakout Cavo per applicazioni interne

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The tight breakout fiber optic Cable is suited for applications requiring a high performance fiber opitc cable. Available in GRP and Jacketed GRP up to 24 simplex cables enclosed by outer sheath, they are also water blocked adding to the overall protection of the fiber optic component from enviromental damage. Universal cable for cabling and buildings


- High performance outer jacket
- High modulus Aramid yarn
- LSZH outer sheath
- For indoor applications
- 0,9mm Tight bufferd fiber
- Suitable for field assembly
- Cable sheath halogen-free and flame retardant

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Cod. Orca Description Color Type Download
111315-24OC-111315-24 ORCA – Cavo Breakout da interno 24fo 50/125 – OM4 – LSZHAquaOM4Download pdf
111315-12OC-111315-12 ORCA -Cavo Breakout da interno 12fo 50/125 – OM4 – LSZHAquaOM4Download pdf
111315-08OC-111315-08 ORCA – Cavo Breakout da interno 8fo 50/125 – OM4 – LSZHAquaOM4Download pdf
111315-06OC-111315-06 ORCA – Cavo Breakout da interno 6fo 50/125 – OM4 – LSZHAquaOM4Download pdf
111315-04OC-111315-04 ORCA – Cavo Breakout da interno 4fo 50/125 – OM4 – LSZHAquaOM4Download pdf
111314-24OC-111314-24 ORCA -Cavo Breakout da interno 24fo 50/125 – OM3 – LSZHAquaOM3Download pdf
111314-12OC-111314-12 ORCA – Cavo Breakout da interno 12fo 50/125 – OM3 – LSZHAquaOM3Download pdf
111314-08OC-CVF-111314-08 ORCA – Cavo Breakout da interno 8fo 50/125 – OM3 – LSZHAquaOM3Download pdf
111314-06OC-CVF-111314-06 ORCA – Cavo Breakout da interno 6fo 50/125 – OM3 – LSZHAquaOM3Download pdf
111314-04OC-CVF-111314-04 ORCA – Cavo Breakout da interno 4fo 50/125 – OM3 – LSZHAquaOM3Download pdf

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