Cavo Simple e Zip twin

Simple and zip twin

The Simple and Zip Twin fiber cables are designed to be used in patch leads and pigtails especially in order to connect within buildings. Zip Twin are constructed and used with two Simplex unit joined by a central web. Our cable uses a 900 micron buffered fiber with a strip of performance of 125 ┬Ám. MINI ZIP TWIN is also available


- Compact ruged Construction
- LSZH sheath
- Fiber color coded according to TIA/EIA-598
- Color standard of subunits : Yellow for Single Mode and Orange for Multimode
- Range of fibers available
- Sheats and buffers in a wide range of colors
- High aramid yarn
- Mini Zip Twin: nylon tight buffer

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Cod. Orca Description Color Type Download
111413-02OC-CVF-111413-02 ORCA – Cavo Zip twin 2fo 9/125 – OS2 – LSZHGialloOS2Download pdf
111412-02OC-CVF-111412-02 ORCA – Cavo Zip twin 2fo 62,5/125 – OM1 – LSZHArancioneOM1Download pdf
111411-02OC-CVF-111411-02 ORCA – Cavo Zip twin 2fo 50/125 – OM2 – LSZHArancioneOM2Download pdf
111415-02OC-CVF-111415-02 ORCA – Cavo Zip twin 2fo 50/125 – OM4 – LSZHAquaOM4Download pdf
111414-02OC-CVF-111414-02 ORCA – Cavo Zip twin 2fo 50/125 – OM3 – LSZHAquaOM3Download pdf